Big Korean Drama Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 12

  • Synopsis: The episode starts with Da Ran and Kyung Joon’s confrontation at the lobby where Yoon Jae’s mom is staying. Kyung Joon was tired of seeing Da Ran frequently wavering. He finally told her that if she ever removes her wedding ring, he will take this as a sign that she is welcoming Kyung Joon into her life to replace Yoon Jae’s. This occupied Da Ran’s thoughts all the time.

    Whenever she looks at the ring, it frequently reminds Da Ran of Kyung Joon’s ultimatum. This got her into a heated fight with Kyung Joon. She denies her feelings for Kyung Joon, even to the point of getting rid of the stuff that reminds her of him. After seeing Da Ran throw away the panda bears they painted and the flowers he gave her, he got angry.

    Da Ran retrieved all the stuff she threw away. Although she still feels confused about her feelings for Kyung Joon and unable to face the truth, she doesn’t want to completely let go.

    Meanwhile, Se Young met with Yoon Jae’s mother again. She told her about her puzzling conversation with Da Ran. Yoon Jae’s father also met with Kyung Joon’s relatives. He wanted to take care of Kyung Joon.

    Da Ran and her whole family plans to go camping to find a rock for Kyung Joon/Yoon Jae. Da Ran doesn’t want Kyung Joon to tag along. Although invited by the whole family, Kyung Joon also doesn’t want to go because he still feels angry about the stuff Da Ran threw away.

    While Da Ran was away, Kyung Joon planned to throw all her things away. He goes into her room and found the memorable stuff she threw but retrieved. This improved his mood. When he got an invitation from Da Ran’s family to join them in their camping trip, he capitulated.

    The rest of the family left so that they can be alone and patch things up. While grocery shopping, Da Ran met a sunbae. She asked about a vacant teaching position in that area as she plans to move there and avoid Kyung Joon.

    While waiting for Da Ran to come back after her meet up with her sunbae, Kyung Joon again returned briefly to his body. This time, he saw Yoon Jae’s parents hovering over him. Because it was hazy, he figured it was just a dream.

    Yoon Jae’s dad contacted Ma Ri and asked her to meet with him. He introduced himself as Kyung Joon’s dad. Ma Ri went to the hospital lobby to meet him. Kyung Joon also decided to go. Ma Ri saw a man approach her and then suddenly rush to help Kyung Joon/Yoon Jae who suddenly doubled over behind her in pain. It turned out to be Yoon Jae’s dad. Yoon Jae’s dad advised Kyung Joon to get a check up as he is constantly having these pains.

    Kyung Joon’s birthday finally came. Da Ran got him a watch with his initials engraved at the back of the watch. Se Young saw her buying a present for another man. While waiting, Se Young also saw Da Ran removing her ring. She reported this to Kyung Joon/Yoon Jae. Kyung Joon felt overjoyed. He sought out Da Ran and they shared their first real kiss.

    Fashion Highlights:

    Big Korean Drama

    Jang Ma Ri undoubtedly has the most prismatic wardrobe in this drama. Here she paired a magenta lace dress with a chain circle bag. Pink hues tend to be too overwhelmingly saccharine so if you feel like your outfit is way too girly, add some edgy or punk-style accessories. Ma Ri chose a skull-printed circle bag.

    Her dress fitted her nicely too. The upper portion is ruched so it accentuated her curves.

    Get Jang Ma Ri’s Dress:

    Jang Ma Ri Dress Big Korean Drama Fashion

    Juicy Couture Lace Dress, 415,860 Won

    Get Jang Ma Ri’s Bag:

    Suzy Bae Big Korean Drama Bag

    BRHAS Pati Skull Print Circle Bag

    Big Korean Drama

    Interesting barrette but probably best reserved for people under the age of 20.

    Big Korean Drama

    Jang Ma Ri doesn’t disappoint yet again with this look. She mixed white and blue this time. But while I love her top with its lacey fold over collar, I am more interested in her cobalt blue saddle bag.

    Saddle bags are all the rage these days with huge stars and idols toting it everywhere. Cobalt blue colors also work perfectly for any kind of skin tone, methinks. It flatters white skin and dark skin so well.

    Get Jang Ma Ri’s Skirt:

    Jang Ma Ri Skirt Big Korean Drama

    Jill by Jill Stuart Skirt

    Get Jang Ma Ri’s Top:

    Suzy Bae Fashion Big Korean Drama

    Benetton Off Shoulder Top, 151,200 Won

    Get Her Bag:Suzy Bae Fashion Big Korean Drama Fashion

    It’s Bag Saddle Bag, 228, 000 Won

    Big Korean Drama

    Ma Ri still manages to look divine even when in a dream. Dresses that accentuate the waist are incredibly flattering. If you have a bit of tummy, go for those with full skirts. If you wear petticoat underneath, it will flare out and even out the proportions. Jang Ma Ri’s gorgeous dress is from Moschino.

    Big Korean Drama


    If you’re into camping, you’ll love this episode as they featured camping fashion. Here you can see Kyung Joon/Yoon Jae sporting a shirt from their sponsor, The Door.

    Big Korean Drama

    Kyung Joon’s trim waist was highlighted in this pair of denim slim pants. A lot of guys must feel iffy about wearing skinny denim pants but it works well when paired with button down shirts and loafers. It also gives the illusion of taller height.

    Big Korean Drama

    Big Korean Drama

    Kyung Joon has mad photobombing skills!

    Big Korean Drama

    Gil Da Ran’s laid-back looks consist of button down printed shirts, denim pants and platform shoes. You can improve this look by donning denim high waist pants (the flattering kind) and tucking your shirt in. Wear skinny colored belt and matching platform shoes and you are good to go.


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