Big Korean Drama Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 10

  • Synopsis: Da Ran was flustered and embarrassed to find out that Kyung Joon/Yoon Jae heard her confession. She was even more flustered when Kyung Joon told her it is okay not to be too clingy. Ma Ri, on the other hand, was saddened by the increasing closeness of Da Ran and Kyung Joon.

    On her way to visit Yoon Jae’s mom, Se Young overheard her telling someone on the phone about her relationship with Kyung Joon. Se Young formed her conclusions as to Kyung Joon’s parentage, assuming that he was born through a surrogate mother. She took a strand of her hair to conduct a DNA test to confirm this suspicion.

    It was also becoming more known that Seo Yoon Jae was looking for someone. The identity of that someone is still unknown. Kyung Joon’s uncle approached them and he volunteered information about Kyung Joon’s possible father.

    While on their way home, Da Ran and Kyung Joon stopped at a store. Da Ran was looking for products made in China to give the impression that she really went there. Kyung Joon saw miniature bears and told her to paint it with black so it will look like Panda bears. They argued about where to place the spots of the panda. In the end, they made a bet. Whoever loses will become the Panda slave. Da Ran, who thought pandas should have black panties, lost.

    Meanwhile, Se Young was already making her own investigations as to the possible parentage of Kyung Joon. Ma Ri is also urging Da Ran to help her search for Kyung Joon’s long-lost father although Kyung Joon didn’t want to. But because Ma Ri told her it would be burdensome for Da Ran to contiute looking out for Kyung Joon, he capitulated.

    This is the part where Da Ran is starting to question her own feelings towards Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon. Her feelings for Yoon Jae are starting to fade away while her feelings for Kyung Joon are becoming more vivid. This worries her a great deal, even to the point of sending Kyung Joon away.

    While Kyung Joon was alone at home, he experienced yet again another out of body experience. He went back to his body for a longer period of time. After learning that Kyung Joon’s body moved again, Da Ran rushed back home. She found Kyung Joon lying on the couch. She cried after learning that Kyung Joon is still the one habiting the body of Yoon Jae. Kyung Joon thought his teacher is just disappointed that Yoon Jae did not come back. With this in mind, he told her that he will not get in the way in case Yoon Jae comes back.

    Yoon Jae’s mom finally confessed to Se Young about her relationship with Kyung Joon. It turned out that they asked Kyung Joon’s mom to bear their child as they needed his umbilical cord to save Yoon Jae’s life when he was 12 years old.

    Fashion Highlights:
    Big Korean Drama

    Gil Choong Sik has some of the most interesting shirts in this drama. I like this 90’s-inspired London graphic shirt.

    Big Korean Drama

    Remember the yellow number Ma Ri wore in the previous episode? She paired it up with this cute gold charm bracelet.

    Big Korean Drama

    Big Korean Drama

    If you have to wear a uniform 5 times a week and have no chance to exercise your fashion skills, you can try injecting fashionably accessories to your ensembles. Colorful watches, pretty headbands and stylish bags are some examples. I really love Ma Ri’s glittery J. Estina Christmas Angelica backpack. It’s perfect not just for school for laid-back ensembles as well.

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    Big Korean Drama

    How cute is this breakfast scene when Da Ran was forcing Kyung Joon to eat beans?

    Da Ran’s work outfit. The print of her blouse is a little matronly for my taste but I love her black strappy platforms. I couldn’t determine whether it was cage platforms or curly strap platforms.

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    Big Korean Drama

    A less saccharine outfit for Ma Ri. She punched up her monochrome ensemble with a gold metallic satchel.

    Big Korean Drama

    Big Korean Drama

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    Big Korean Drama

    Ma Ri’s feather bag is definitely a scene-stealer but sort of verging on tacky.

    panda scene big korean drama

    panda scene big korean drama

    Panda scene! I love this scene so much so I’m including some screenshots of it.  🙂

    Big Korean Drama

    Big Korean Drama

    Se Young outfits. I love her blue bag in the photo above. She also prefers statement accessories as this double-stranded necklace.

    I thought Kyung Joon’s uncle deserves a special mention. He wears the most interesting scarves.

    Big Korean Drama



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