Big Korean Drama Fashion Recap: Episode 6

  • Synopsis: A year later after Kyung Joon still in Yoon Jae’s body went to America together with Yoon Jae’s mom, Da Ran attended a friend’s wedding. She is now a full-fledged teacher, having passed her licensure examination recently. On the wedding, she saw Kyung Joon who gave the impression that he doesn’t know her.

    Everyone was curious as to how they will interact with each other after they called their wedding off the year before. To save Da Ran from embarrassment, Kyung Joon acted like he was the one who got jilted.

    Kyung Joon went back to the hospital to resume his doctor duties after studying in the states. But he still couldn’t stomach the sight of blood, something that really gets in the way of his performing as a doctor. He continues to visit his body and even meets up with Ma Ri. Kyung Joon’s aunt and uncle continue to be baffled by his presence as well.

    Se Young, having gained the favor of Yoon Jae’s mom, decides to pay Yoon Jae (Kyung Joon) a visit in his old house. She found Da Ran packing some stuff. Da Ran told her to go away, much to the delight of Kyung Joon.

    Ma Ri is having suspicions about the increasing similarity of the personalities of Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon. Se Young also recently found out that the student who has been in a coma for a year already is the one who also got into the same accident Yoon Jae was in a year ago. It strikes everyone as odd.

    Meanwhile Na Hyo Sang, the school’s PE teacher, finally decides to confess his love for Da Ran. He goes into the dumpling shop and ingratiated himself to Da Ran’s family. Seeing through the situation, Kyung Joon whisks Da Ran away. He plans to get married to her to prevent further complications from occurring.

    Ma Ri found out that the same house Yoon Jae is living in now is actually previously owned by Kyung Joon. She breaks into the house and hurts herself in the process. Kyung Joon went home and saw Ma Ri. He saw the blood on Ma Ri’s arm. His inability to treat the wound led Ma Ri to believe that Yoon Jae is indeed Kyung Joon.

    Fashion Highlights:

    We rarely see Da Ran in heaps of colors. Again, she is clad in blush and powdery tones. But her white bag with scalloped flap is really cute.

    Jang Ma Ri’s outfit here is super fun. I love the combination of teal and lace. She adds up more colors (shades of pink, orange and red) with her hat, shoes and belt.


    I like the rosette detail of Se Young’s top. She also opts for a simple tasseled clutch to keep the simple and minimalist theme of her look.

    The dove/bird print is virtually everywhere last spring. We’re seeing it again. If you’re tired of the usual floral and polka dot prints, go for animal prints. I’m talking about animal shapes, not animal skin print.

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    Jang Ma Ri wears ankle wrap espadrille shoes to break into Yoon Jae’s house. I especially love the sleeves of her top in here.


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