Big Korean Drama Fashion Recap: Episode 5

  • Synopsis: The episode starts with Kyung Joon preventing Da Ran from confronting Se Young about the key they found in Yoon Jae’s apartment. The key strengthened their suspicions about the relationship of Se Young and Yoon Jae being more than just colleagues, much to the heartbreak of Da Ran.

    Meanwhile, Ma Ri remembers Kyung Joon’s wallet and decided to look for it. He called Kyung Joon still in Yoon Jae’s body to find out about its whereabouts. She suspected Yoon Jae/Kyung Joon has it so she broke into his house. Kyung Joon had to prevent Ma Ri from seeing his bed from childhood which will undoubtedly raise questions.

    Gil Da Ran, on the other hand, decided to go through with the wedding photo shoot. He asked Kyung Joon to act like Yoon Jae. This is the time she decided not to go through the wedding any more. She intends to cancel it and tell it to her parents after the memorably photoshoot.

    Ma Ri is already suspecting that something is in the wind after noticing and seeing uncanny resemblances in the actions and mannerisms of Kyung Joon and Yoon Jae.

    Se Young calls Yoon Jae’s mom to tell her that there’s something wrong with Yoon Jae after he got into an accident. After that, Yoon Jae’s mom decided to go home to Korea.

    Gil Da Ran finally had an opportunity to tell her parents about their plans of not going through the wedding. Her mom is understandably upset after being excited about the whole event. Kyung Joon helped her explain to her parents.

    Yoon Jae’s mom arrives and talks to both Kyung Joon and Da Ran. Kyung Joon feigns memory loss after the accident to avoid suspicion about his sudden change. Yoon Jae’s mom then asks him to go back to America where he can recover better. Kyung Joon decided to fill up his brain in America and go home to Korea after a year to marry Da Ran.

    Fashion Highlights:

    Jang Ma Ri looks so coordinated all the time. I’m not sure whether this ensemble is one whole dress or three separates (top, skirt and outer). But the black, blue and yellow combo sure works well together. She punctuated this look with this bag from Sonovi.

    Gil Da Ran’s fashion always gravitates towards soft tones and feminine silhouettes. She loves her sheers and chiffons and full skirts too.

    I love this playful ensemble of Gil Choong Sik. He amplified a simple shirt with a cardigan/sweater worn like scarf and adorable suspenders. I love suspenders for casual outfits. They add a playful vibe.

    Ma Ri is again looking like a princes with this print on print look. She chooses floral printed bottom to pair up with her floral lace upper. What makes this work is the same navy blue color on her top and bottom.

    Couple looks! The stylists don’t usually coordinate them, something that usually happens in many dramas.

    Kyung Joon sure knows how to rock Airport fashion. He looks comfortable but stylish at the same time.


    Cute wedding photo!