Big Korean Drama Fashion Recap: Episode 4

  • Synopsis: Jang Ma Ri finally learned from Choong Sik that Kyung Joon got into a car accident and is now in a coma. She texted Kyung Joon’s phone and found out that the doctor Seo Yoon Jae is the one holding it. Not knowing of the situation, she insisted on taking Kyung Joon’s body back to America.

    Kyung Joon (in Seo Yoon Jae’s body) had to lie to her that Kyung Joon will not want to leave as he is in love with his teacher, Gil Da Ran. Only Gil Da Ran can help Kyung Joon. Believing in him, Ma Ri capitulated.

    Kyung Joon is also forced to call Yoon Jae’s mom abroad to prevent her from worrying about his son’s condition. He found out that Yoon Jae intended to travel abroad before the wedding. He also made undisclosed plans that still boggle the mind of Gil Da Ran. Kyung Joon then advises her to open Yoon Jae’s phone to learn more. Gil Da Ran opened Yoon Jae’s phone and read messages from Se Young that put a damper to her spirit.

    Meanwhile, Kyung Joon’s aunt and uncle decided to pay his house a visit. Not knowing that Kyung Joon in Seo Yoon Jae’s body is living there, they wondered about the evidence of residence in there. It was then that they decided to sell the house as Kyung Joon’s body is unlikely to wake up anytime soon.

    Kyung Joon helped Da Ran pick up some stuff for her plans of moving in with Yoon Jae after they got married. They talked about meeting later to settle the issue of buying an apartment for Yoon Jae and Da Ran. When Kyung Joon went home, he saw his uncle and aunt throwing away his stuff, including his beloved bed. He had to carry the bed back inside the house when they went away under the pouring rain, thereby missing his appointment with Da Ran.

    Kyung Joon then decided to withdraw money from Yoon Jae’s account and buy the house.

    Fashion Highlights:

    Se Young always looks polished (most female antagonists are, why is that?). She paired up her sequined chiffon top with red tapered boot-legged pant. Threw in her blush-tone Mulberry bag and she looks ready to grace fashion magazines.

    Jang Ma Ri looks like she’s going away on a tropical island vacation here. I thought the ruched top with bow details looked over the top when paired with her stripes and floral skirt from Tasse Tasse (can’t find it online). Her skirt is better off paired with floral printed top for a print on print look or a simple white chiffon button down.

    Here’s Se Young looking polished from head to toe again. I like the simple lines and clean silhouette of her ensembles. Her top is actually a dress, the Caracas dress from Ba&ash which is on sale here. A nifty way of creating a new and fresh look to your old outfits is to mix dresses with different bottoms.

    Kyung Joon in Yoon Jae’s body looks youthful and hip in this cropped short pants from A.P.C. and plaid top from San Francisco Market. You’ll see when you watch the drama that he paired it with loafers and socks. Preppy!

    Gil Da Ran goes for monochrome again in this look. But her top with eyelet collar from Thyren is definitely adorable. I also love her criss cross strap black platforms.

    Gil Da Ran fashion

    Thyren Eyelet Collar Blouse, 138,460 Won


    Another relaxed, no-fuss Gil Da Ran fashion.