Big Korean Drama Fashion Recap: Episode 3

  • Synopsis: Kyung Joon in the body of Yoon Jae totally recoils from the idea of the doctor having a relationship with someone other than his teacher. He rebuffs the advances of Se Young, much to the confusion of the lady doctor. Gil Da Ran chided Kyung Joon for embarrassing Yoon Jae’s friend but Kyung Joon said Yoon Jae could be cheating on her with Se Young. Gil Da Ran shrugs it off saying the two are just close because they are friends.

    Undeterred, Se Young waited for Yoon Jae (Kyung Joon) to come out of the apartment. She took him to a bar where Kyung Joon indulged in way too many drinks. He wakes up the next morning in Se Young’s apartment. Already forming conclusions in his head, Kyung Joon is too embarrassed to face Gil Da Ran. He found Yoon Jae’s passport and tries to avoid the situation by attempting to run away.

    At the airport, he got a message from his stalker-ish friend from America Jang Ma Ri saying that she managed to find Kyung Joon’s whereabouts. True enough, Jang Ma Ri found where Kyung Joon is supposedly studying.

    Ma Ri visited the school and talked to Gil Da Ran. Kyung Joon (still in Yoon Jae’s body) found Ma Ri and explained to her that Kyung Joon no longer wants to talk to her.

    Gil Da Ran and Kyung Joon visited the hospital where Yoon Jae works (and where Kyung Joon’s body is) and run into Yoon Jae’s colleagues. They couldn’t say no to an invitation for dinner. During dinner, Yoon Jae’s friend confessed that the accident at the wedding isn’t the first time Yoon Jae saw Gil Da Ran. Yoon Jae was actually following Da Ran around the whole wedding because he finds her pretty. This news made Da Ran happy.

    Fashion Highlights:

    Yoon Jae’s colleague (and possibly the woman he cheated on Da Ran with) is wearing white lace frock with black details on the side. She chose simple accessories like this gold watch and yellow envelope bag to complete her polished and sophisticated look.

    Get The Look:

    This white button down top from Cody was saved from being too safe and boring with this 3D print.

    Gil Da Ran from Big Korean Drama picks a yellow eyelet full skirt from DEWL to match with her top. A nice satchel bag and similar-hued pumps from Jinny Kim completed her look. If you watched YoonA and Jang Geun Sook’s Love Rain, you probably have seen YoonA wearing the skirt in one of the episodes.

    Get The Shoes She Was Wearing Here:

    Gil Da Ran Big Shoes

    Jaylin Pink Label Pumps, $168.00, Jinny Kim

    Let’s feature Gil Da Ran’s brother, Gil Choong Sik whose style is always youthful and casual. I like this striped cardigan paired with graphic-printed shirt.

    Get Gil Choong Sik’s Look:

    Kyung Joon in Seo Yoon Jae’s body’s airport fashion is a casual button down polo with tapered pants and loafers. To add more interest to the muted tones of the outfit, he threw in a green cardigan.

    Get Kyung Joon/Seo Yoon Jae’s look:

    Jang Ma Ri looks stylish from head to toe. I love this square pair of green shades she partnered with the ensemble seen below:

    Get Jang Ma Ri’s Look:



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