Big Korean Drama Fashion Recap: Episode 2

  • Synopsis: After learning that Seo Yoon Jae switched bodies with Kang Kyung Joon, Gil Da Ran was at a loss on what to do. Temporarily pushing the problems aside, Kang Kyung Joon was forced to take the place of Seo Yoon Jae. He went home feeling ill-at-ease with Seo Yoon Jae’s body.

    Despite Gil Da Ran’s advice for him to take care of Seo Yoon Jae’s body, he still indulged in unhealthy foods. Little did he know that Seo Yoon Jae’s body is allergic to mushrooms. Having eaten a mushroom from a pizza, he suffered a major allergy attack. Panicked, Kang Kyung Joon hailed a cab and went to Gil Da Ran’s school.

    After an embarrassing scene at the front yard of the school, Gil Da Ran found out that Seo Yoon Jae’s body is littered with blisters. She had to take him to the hospital to have it treated.

    Kang Kyung Joon visited the hospital where his body was admitted. Here he ran into Gil Da Ran’s father and Yoon Jae’s colleagues. He didn’t know that it was the same hospital Seo Yoon Jae was working. Gil Da Ran had to rush in and iron out the blunder again, much to the ire of their high school principal

    Kyung Joon decided to visit Da Ran in her home later that day. He was then introduced to his future in-laws, and her father’s abundant collection of rocks. Knowing that the family senses something off with Seo Yoon Jae, she decided to bring back a semblance of the past Seo Yoon Jae. She took him to Yoon Jae’s home to get some clothes. Here she found a travel luggage containing Yoon Jae’s passport and clothes.

    It was that time when Yoon Jae’s female colleague, Lee Se Young, decided to pay a visit. Kyung Joon met her downstairs and got the surprise of his life when Se Young suddenly flings herself at him and confesses her love.

    Fashion Highlights

    Gil Da Ran’s outfits are almost always injected with some sort of nude-colored piece. In this look, she is wearing dark beige blazer. But she punches up the look by wearing printed shorts with a more vibrant color.

    Seo Yoon Jae (now Kang Kyung Joon) sports a two-tone form-fitting shirt with light yellow Batman logo from Junk Food. Let’s just forget we saw him wearing crocs.

    Da Ran’s nude-tone blazer is from Comptoir Des Cotonniers.

    We can see a manifestation of the print on print trend we’ve been seeing a lot as of late. The stylists chose to mix dotted print with stripes. To make it work, make sure both prints have something in common – in this case, the color black.

    Gil Da Ran Bag

    Gil Da Ran’s crossbody bag is from Chloe.

    Well, here’s a refreshing change from the usual grungy and unkempt look of Yoon Jae/Kyung Joon we’ve seen in the past episode and earlier this episode. I like how youthful the blue stripes top from Saint James Boutique combined with the reddish pants look.



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