Big Korean Drama Fashion Recap: Episode 1

  • Synopsis: Big Korean drama wasn’t at the top of my to-watch list. But I have to admit, I was lured by the wacky promo photos. I love myself a nice Korean rom-com. Despite the fact that Gong Yoo is not a favorite of mine (as I prefer my lead actors to be brooding and surly and suave and from a *cough* pop group *cough*), he quickly became one because of his fun performance of Seo Yoon Jae (Kang Kyung Joon actually but we’ll get to that later).

    Episode 1, like every other drama, is the introduction of the main leads. Gil Da Ran, our female lead played by Lee Min Jung, is a natural, artless girl who is about to take her teaching licensure examination. She temporarily works as a flower delivery girl. The bouquet she delivered was actually for a colleague’s wedding. The scene quickly turned awkward when she found out that the ladies surrounding the bride were all her colleagues. It turned out that she was the only one not invited to wedding. Feeling a little miffed, she purchased a meal ticket, intending to stay longer. She then got a call from her employer that she delivered the wrong bouquet. To get it back, Gil Da Ran had to participate in the throwing of the bouquet. In her enthusiasm to get it, she was nudged aside by a guy and fell down a flight of stairs. She ended up with a broken arm and tailbone that rendered her unable to participate in her exams. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because the guy who inadvertently caused her accident was a doctor named Seo Yoon Jae who will later on become her love interest. Fast forward to present, Gil Da Ran is already preparing for her marriage to Seo Yoon Jae. While listening to her broadcasted love story on the radio on her way to school where she is working as a substitute teacher, she noticed a teenager looking at her. He followed Gil Da Ran when she alighted from the bus. It turned out that Gil Da Ran took his umbrella by mistake. The teenager is actually an exchange student in their school named Kang Kyung Joon. Arrogant and possessing of an indifferent attitude, he immediately grated on Gil Da Ran’s nerves. But Kang Kyung Joon shows uncharacteristic sympathy towards the indifferent attitude Gil Da Ran’s fiancé is showing to her. After a breakdown, he offered to take Gil Da Ran away to sort out her feelings. After a call from Yoon Jae to set things straight, Kang Kyung Joon left Gil Da Ran to wait for Yoon Jae. Unfortunately, while on the road to meet Gil Da Ran, Yoon Jae met Kang Kyung Joon who was riding a motorcycle. An accident that led to their switching of souls ensued. Fashion Highlights

    Gil Da Ran was first seen wearing what looks to be a dog-printed white tee (adorbs!), jeans, corduroy hunter green jacket, wedge rubber shoes and crossbody fold-over leather bag. At first glimpse, Gil Da Ran’s fashion reminded me of Yoon Eun Hye’s character Gong Ah Jung in Lie To Me. They seem to have the same fashion sensibilities. It’s not surprising considering they are young professionals with inexhaustible supply of drive to get their license for their chosen field (Gong Ah Jung as a public servant and Gil Da Ran as a teacher). Get Gil Da Ran’s Shoes:

    Bea Wedge Sneaker, $251.84, Ash

    If you like quirky prints and you adore dogs, you’ll like her Castelbajac Lignee shirt too:

    Gil Da Ran Big Korean Drama Fashion

    Castelbajac Lignee Dog Print Shirt, 61,600 Won

    I’m not a huge fan of Da Ran’s blue dress here. It looks askew and ill-fitted although I think that’s the intention of the dress. I like how she punctuated the look with a white cardi though. She looks every inch the practice teacher here. I like the brown t-strap platforms from Manas she paired this dress with – the saving grace, in my opinion. And that white Valextra satchel bag punctuated the spring, summery vibe quite nicely. Get Gil Da Ran’s Shoes: Gil Da Ran Big Korean Drama Shoes

    Manas T-Strap Platform Shoes, 433,910 Won

    A punch of color is added by her green watch. Get Gil Da Ran’s Watch: Lee Min Jung Big Watch

    Rosemont Green Watch, 513,00 Won

    In comes Gil Da Ran wearing rust-colored blazer, white tee, basic jeans, green crossbody Valextra bag and the same platforms from the previous look. Her blazer is from Carven but it’s currently out of stock.

    I’m into Gil Da Ran’s outfit here. Big Korean Drama stylists try to stay on-tangent with her youthful personality but professional character (although I’m not entirely certain about the above the knee hem length of her skirt). I didn’t know teachers, even practice ones, can wear this in South Korea (not to mention that they have a pretty strict principal in this school). A closer look at her navy blue Miu Miu knit top paired with a peter pan button down under garment. This knit short-sleeved sweater is also available in a different color at Net-A-Porter: Big Korean Drama Fashion

    Miu Miu Knit Sweater

    I love the combination of strong navy blue color and blush skirt (or is that a skort?) from SJSJ. She keeps everything simple by doing away with excessive accessories and opting for a gold watch from Louis Quatorze instead. She is using the same Valextra bag, only in white.

    Here is a screenshot of Big Korean Drama’s Yoon Jae looking princely in his tailored checkered coat and navy blue pants. He’s a doctor so we were not treated to a lot of fashion eye candy from him in the episode.

    Here we see Kyung Joon shopping for a new bed. He wears faded grey denim jacket and long-sleeved top. I like the way Big Korean Drama stylists dress him up – polished and boyish but not overly so. Just right for his age and his personality.

    They capped his look with a big watch and bracelets.


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