A Gentleman’s Dignity Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 2

  • A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 2 Review: One of the things this episode taught me is the fact that Yi Soo is not one to easily shrug off embarrassing moments. She dreads facing Do Jin but does it anyway to get her students, who were engaged in a scuffle with Do Jin in the previous episode, off the hook. Do Jin, perverse as always especially after Yi Soo pretended not to remember him, made things much more difficult for our teacher/lady umpire.

    Meanwhile Meari, Tae San’s younger sister, is finally home from the states. But it looks like nobody knows it yet except Yi Soo who fetched her at the airport. Yi Soo took Meari home, even persuading Se Ra to take her in temporarily.

    At the airport, we were teased with a short appearance by CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun who is playing the role of Collin. As to who he is or what he is doing with the photo of our 4 40-year old protagonists, we have yet to discover.

    It seems like the episodes of A Gentleman’s Dignity are not complete without Jung Rok causing one trouble or another because of his womanizing habits. Why he thinks he can get off the radar of his older and wealthier wife, we’ll never begin to guess. But the three still saves him from trouble, predictably, if only to save their own asses.

    Meari finally lets her brother know she is home. It looks like she is back to win Choi Yoon. Choi Yoon, on the other hand, is avoiding her like the plague.

    Do Jin still gives Yi Soo difficulty by refusing to settle although it’s mostly because he enjoys seeing Yi Soo.

    Yi Soo and Meari went out for a drinking session. In a state of drunkenness, Meari purchased expensive chocolates and had it sent to Tae San’s office to help Yi Soo confess her real feelings for Tae San.

    A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 2 Fashion Recap:
    Kim Ha Neul A Gentleman's Dignity Fashion

    Yi Soo casually dons light blue button down shirt and pulls over a black and white knitted top from Gap. Take note of this outfit as you’ll be seeing a lot of the same silhouette in the drama. Yi Soo likes her knits and denims.

    Kim Ha Neul A Gentleman's Dignity Fashion

    She puts on a grey scarf and a brown cape to fend off the chill. In retrospect, Yi Soo and Do Jin seem to share a penchant for layering, monochromatic pieces and leather accessories.

    Yoon Se Ah A Gentleman's Dignity Fashion

    Hong Se Ra is dressed to the nines. She brought out the fur, the snakeskin, the red and the bling. The sheer ostentatiousness of the outfit would have made a lesser woman look over the top and garish. In fact, it looks over the top but never garish when it’s Se Ra wearing it. It’s that svelte body, I assume.

    Yoon Se Ah A Gentleman's Dignity Fashion

    She’s seriously overdressed for a trip to the construction site but she seems to have accomplished her goal (not without ruining her strappy stilettos, mind you).

    Jang Dong Gun A Gentleman's Dignity Fashion

    Camo print seems to be making a comeback as we have seen the men in the dramas we have featured before dressed up in any number of camo pieces. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m not a huge fan of camouflage print. I have doubts about this Kim Do Jin outfit although I like the overall silhouette.

    Jang Dong Gun A Gentleman's Dignity Fashion

    You can’t miss the pins from Chrome Hearts. As simple as it looks, the pins draw attention more than statement blings.

    If you are willing to shell out the $230 needed to buy just one pin, get it here:

    Kim Do Jin A Gentleman's Dignity Pin

    Chrome Hearts

    Yoon Jin Yi A Gentleman's Dignity Fashion

    Maeri first made an appearance clad in a pristine white peplum coat and black skirt.

    Yoon Jin Yi A Gentleman's Dignity Fashion

    She adds a youthful playfulness to her otherwise monochromatic ensemble with her fuchsia pink shoulder bag.

    Lee Jong Hyun A Gentleman's Dignity Fashion

    We also get to see Collin. It looks like he likes to dress up rugged.

    Yoon Jin Yi A Gentleman's Dignity Fashion

    Maeri dresses up a simple pair of skinny jeans and white top with a cropped leather jacket with embossed detailing on the chest area from Paige Flynn.

    Yoon Jin Yi A Gentleman's Dignity Fashion

    By this time, you probably noticed how Maeri loves to dress up. She also loves to mix different textures and prints as evident in this outfit.

    Yoon Jin Yi A Gentleman's Dignity Fashion

    I lover her union jack/floral luggage!

    Yoon Jin Yi A Gentleman's Dignity Fashion

    See what I meant about mixing textures and prints? First she donned a striped top. And then she added a fur vest. To amp up the look, she opted for a fuchsia-colored fitted pants and punctuated the urban chic vibe with a pair of ankle booties. Clever!



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