A Gentleman’s Dignity Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 1

  • Synopsis: The story starts with our 4 protagonists, Kim Do Jin played by Jang Dong Gun, Im Tae San played by Kim Soo Ro, Choi Yoon played by Kim Min Jong and Lee Jung Rok played by Lee Jong Hyuk, visiting a wake. These four have been friends for decades. Other than Jung Rok, the rest of them are still single (with Choi Yoon recuperating from a divorce).

    Do Jin and Tae San are working in the same architectural and building firm. Choi Yoon is a lawyer and Jung Rok is managing a coffee shop while married to a much older woman.

    We are also introduced to the leading lady, Seo Yi Soo, played by Kim Ha Neul who is a full time high school teacher. She secretly likes Im Tae San but the latter wants to be hooked up with her friend Hong Se Ra, played by Yoon Se Ah.

    After buying a present for Tae San, Yi Soo had to stop over at a café to allow the rain to pass. Do Jin who was waiting for someone inside saw her and fell in love at first sight. After that they had a series of fated meetings.

    While Yi Soo was checking out books from a street vendor, the hem of her knitted dress got snagged in Do Jin’s bag. This caused the dress’ hem to unravel up to her buttocks. Yi Soo was understandably mortified by the mishap. Do Jin then helped her find a taxi to get home. But before he could take her number, she was already gone.

    Meanwhile, Se Ra decided to date Tae San. But she was not willing to take it seriously, which angered the latter.

    The womanizer Jung Rok also got into a tiff with her older wife because of his acts. His wife even threatened to get a divorce.

    Do Jin and Choi Yoon also got into a fight with a couple of high school students. It turned out that these kids are Yi Soo’s student. Because he was embarssed by the incident, Do Jin didn’t want to settle. He ignored Yi Soo’s pleas for a settlement until he found out from Choi Yoon that the teacher he is ignoring is actually the same woman he wanted to get the number for a long time. This motivated him to meet her.

    But before he could declare his intentsion, he noticed Yi Soo’s love for Tae San.

    Fashion Highlights:
    Yi Soo Korean Drama Fashion

    Here’s our first look at Yi Soo. Obviously, she gravitates towards comfortable ensembles more. For her shopping look, she puts on a hoodie, skinny pants and matching converse sneakers.

    Yi Soo Korean Drama Fashion

    What I love about her is that she seems to be game in trying out more feminine, sexier looks. In this scene, she wore a knit dress that fits her just right without being too skanky. I love how she paired the red knit dress with animal-print flats. It’s easy to copy, it’s very comfortable and it’s stylish.

    Get Her Knitted Dress:

    A Gentleman's Dignity Fashion

    Red Knit Dress, 68,000 Won, Knitter

    Yi Soo Korean Drama Fashion

    Neomu Yeoppo!

    Yi Soo Korean Drama Fashion4

    Be wary when wearing knit dresses and see to it that they don’t get snagged. Wear something cute underneath as well, lace tiered shorts or a half slip like what Yi Soo wore. Although she’s so self-conscious about it, it doesn’t look that bad, what with the lacey supposedly undergarment turns outer garment trend these days.

    Get Similar Shoes:

    Cheetah Print Flats

    Mossimo Black Vianca Tuxedo Flat, $19.99


    Yi Soo Korean Drama Fashion

    Here’s another classic look, snuggly long coat, jeans and something inside (shirt, knits, what-have-you). I love her small shoulder bag with chain straps. Classy, classy.

    Yi Soo Korean Drama Fashion

    She whips out this pretty blue leather wallet.

    Yi Soo Korean Drama Fashion

    Same look here but with a different bag. Her coat is from a company called Mag N Mag. Her red topis from Mine.

    She was using this bag from Couronne:

    A Gentleman's Dignity Fashion

    Vanessa Bag, 585,000 Won , Couronne

    A Gentleman's Dignity Korean Drama Fashion

    Do Jin looks impeccable all the time. He does accessorize a lot. Check out the pins on the lapels of his coat. Quite unique, isn’t it?

    A Gentleman's Dignity Korean Drama Fashion

    I’m a fan of clean, be-cardiganned (is this even a word? I don’t know, I just coined it) looks. Cardigans add a touch of finesse to an otherwise casual ensemble.

    A Gentleman's Dignity Korean Drama Fashion

    Jung Rok’s noona wife is always dressed to the nines. Here she is in an all-black ensemble. She breaks off the monotony of the color scheme by using a red handbag.

    A Gentleman's Dignity Korean Drama Fashion2

    She clearly prefers statement accessories – the large hoop earrings, chandelier necklace and the brooch on her coat. Opulence at its finest.

    Se Ra Korean Drama Fashion

    Se Ra looks great from this distance. She wears brown and yellow color combo as a golf attire. I don’t know much about sports wear so moving on…

    Se Ra Korean Drama Fashion2

    Se Ra’s idea of a date outfit is this bodycon black dress (though we didn’t really see how short it is). She kept up with the monochrome style by adding on what looks to be silver and leather choker and a simple silver bangle. She then adds up a snakeskin leather clutch.

    Se Ra Korean Drama Fashion

    I can’t stress out enough how important balance is in an outfit. If you think you are wearing too much skin, wear something to cover it up. Here, Se Ra uses a hi-low blazer I admire for its clean lines and unique structure. Hi-low blazers are also ‘it’ items these days. Make sure it doesn’t look too office-like by choosing blazers with sleeves that fall just right in the middle of your lower arm.



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